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The EUPeace network is comprised of institutions that are similar in size, location and mission within their respective national ecosystems. We are a synergetic mix of universities, characterized by our territorial embeddedness, concern for impact and deep attention to the quality of student life within and beyond our campuses.

We have come together, based on long-standing cooperation experiences as well as newly formed ties within the network partners; reaching students, doctoral candidates, and academic and administrative staff all the way from Germany to Turkey, covering the entirety of the European continent and reaching into Asia. We embrace and foster the unique geographic distribution and the implications these geographic roots bring to EUPeace: our institutions are located in regions with a lot of internal diversity and sometimes a still recent history of conflict. One symptom of this is the relation with confession - some institutions are non-religious from the start, some initially started as “protestant” universities before becoming non-confessional, some still have their Catholic or Muslim identity at heart. This diversity, with its challenges, is a source of wealth and represents what we want to place at the heart of our network: respect for diversity and pluralism as the core of European values that we need to transmit to the next generation.

Because our consortium mirrors the very diversity of Europe, we can act as laboratory for devising the solutions to the main challenge that the European mindset is facing: a faltering respect for diversity and pluralism. The very set-up of our consortium provides us with the capacity to cross borders and bridge silos.

The diversity of our student body and staff is itself an essential tool on which EUPeace will build to nourish its teaching and learning vision: it offers the perfect opportunity to expose our community to a wide range of cultures, opinions, situations and thus provides a concrete, operational training ground to give flesh to the ideals of Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies.

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