02.02.2023 EUPeace and the Global South - Academic Exchange at Comillas Pontifical University

Members of the EUPeace Research Hubs group came together in Madrid for academic exchange on research collaboration within EUPeace.

Comillas Pontifical University

The new year started with a plunge right into topic-related EUPeace matters. Under the lead of Comillas Pontifical University, a group of researchers from Madrid, Limoges, Giessen and Marburg met to share common interests and contribute their visions of an EUPeace Research Hub. Their disciplines cover a wide range of perspectives into the themes of peace, justice and inclusion, including but not limited to history, environmental science, mobility, economics, philosophy, ethics and sociology; reinforcing the notion that interdisciplinary approaches to all EUPeace activities should be a kex driving factor in research, as only a variety of perspectives can facilitate a thorough understanding of key issues. The meeting, once more, showed that the collaborative nature of our alliance is an inherent strength to all our research endeavors.


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