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The interactions achieved by creating the EUPeace Network are particularly adapted to scale up internationalisation efforts under the prefix of fostering a peaceful, just, and inclusive European landscape, at various levels. While each of our institutions has active programs with numerous international peers, their impact tends to be limited to those staff or students who are involved in physical mobility. Through EUPeace, we can radically scale up internationalisation at two levels: (a) enhance our overall strategic impact and visibility, (b) internationalise the whole community, whether physically mobile or not - thereby actively shaping the new generation of European citizens.

To carry the mission from our Alliance Members to the wider picture of the European and international educational landscape, and to live the idea of shaping European citizens beyond their time as students, we have paired up with strategic associated partners all over the world - ranging from schools at all EUPeace sites to non-governmental organisations dealing with topics such as conflict and disparity and higher education institutions outside of the European band.

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