13.12.2023 EUPeace is the bridge connecting nine partner universities

The European University Alliance for Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies (EUPeace) held its first workshop on the Communication Strategy for EUPeace in Frankfurt.

Participants of the EUPeace Communications Workshop gather in front of the christmas tree.
Jeff Coons
The workshop participants: Raphael Peter, Sandy Halliday, Nuwar Harb, Franziska Kramer (University of Marburg), Eva Zimmermann, Alina Adam (University of Giessen), Marie Dignement, Valentin Moulin, Clément Desaphy (University of Limoges), Maristella La Manna, Bruna Larosa (University of Calabria), Lucía Tornero González, Claudia González (Comillas Pontifical University), Ana Šuman, Marijan Tustonja (University of Mostar), Markéta Ulčová , Kamila Kolářová , Matěj Líbal (University of West Bohemia Pilsen), Mak Tanović, Enita Nakas (University of Sarajevo), Asli Iligit (University of Cukurova), Doerte Weig (SIRIS Academic), Christina Friesen (DAAD), Anna Thorwart (CIVIS), Not in the picture: Ernesto Exposito (UNITA), Imke Polland-Schmandt (University of Giessen), Lea Kraljević (University of Mostar)

The two-day workshop brought together all nine partner universities: University of Marburg, University of Giessen, Comillas Pontifical University, Çukurova University, University of Calabria, University of Limoges, University of West Bohemia, University of Mostar and University of Sarajevo. The workshop aimed to foster mutual understanding and collaboration among all partner universities and establish EUPeace's communication strategy in pursuit of its ultimate mission to contribute to peace, justice, and inclusion in the European university community.

The first day of the workshop was focused on presenting plans for establishing the EUPeace Communication Office, introducing individual communication offices, channels, and the structure and operations at each individual partner institution. Special attention was given to a roundtable discussion on the topic: “Lost in Translation?! Difficulties of Communication, Language, and Translation issues for European University Alliances.” Additionally, input sessions were held by Ernesto Exposito (European University UNITA), Doerte Weig (SIRIS Academic), Christina Friesen (German National Agency DAAD), Ana Thorwart (Civis Alliance) during the first day. On the second day, partner universities were divided into three groups actively developing ideas, discussions, and visions regarding the development of EUPeace within the context of the communication strategy.

The workshop provided an exceptional opportunity to build stronger friendships among all partner universities, fostering an understanding of the diversity and similarities among all stakeholders within the EUPeace Alliance. It represents a significant step towards finding a common language for EUPeace to promote peace, collaboration, and sustainability in the European context.

All participants agreed that this was an excellent opportunity to come together in this festive time, symbolizing peace, prosperity, friendship, and unity.


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