16.02.2024 EUPeace presented at the 2024 European Learning & Teaching Forum

A meeting of the European University Association (EUA) took place at the Ruhr University Bochum, where representatives of European university alliances also exchanged experiences

Prof. Thorsten Bonacker and Dr. Stéphane Voell at Learning and Teaching Forum
Stéphane Voell

The European University Association (EUA) was the host of the “2024 European Learning & Teaching Forum” at the Ruhr University Bochum (08-09 February 2024). The event aimed to explore the links between the societal responsibility of higher education and universities’ learning and teaching activities. The Forum provided a platform for discussing how universities can improve learning and teaching through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions.

The EUA is the largest association of European universities. It represents its members at the European level and provides a forum for networking between universities.

At the Forum in Bochum, Thorsten Bonacker and Stéphane Voell (University of Marburg) gave a presentation on the impact of collaborative networks on the societal relevance of learning and teaching. In their presentation “Teaching on Peace, Justice and Inclusive Societies in Europa”, they presented EUPeace and the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership Project “Simulating Human Rights in Peacebuilding (SHARINPEACE)”. 

SHARINPEACE aims to facilitate the learning of the connection between human rights and peace during studies. An international network of six partners from Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Serbia, and Germany is developing a joint innovative module in this project. During the preparation phase of EUPeace, SHARINPEACE was developed.

Further info:
Shareinpeace: www.uni-marburg.de/sharinpeace
Learning & Teaching Forum: https://eua.eu/events/269-2024-european-learning-teaching-forum.html 

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