08.07.2024 EUPeace Student Council Meeting in Limoges & the role of students

From Monday, June 3 to Wednesday, June 5, the University of Limoges hosted a seminar on the role of students within the universities of our European Alliance, EUPeace, bringing together teachers, administrative staff, and, of course, a majority of students. All nine partners were represented.

During this seminar, we exchanged views on the student representation systems of each university and discussed the student representation system within EUPeace. We also exchanged views with the European Commission on the role of students in the alliances. Additionally, we identified and worked on best practices and student initiatives that we need to develop for the alliance.

On Monday, June 3, we were fortunate to hold the first in-person session of the Student Council. The members of the Student Council chose to appoint the following executive team for a four-month term:

Eric WOLTERS (UMR), in charge of creating the code of conduct
Ali ÖKSÜZ (CU), in charge of creating the code of conduct
Adriana PACIOS RAMIREZ (COMILLAS), Head of Communications
Rijad CRVENJAK (UNSA), Secretary
Matej LIBAL (UWB), Vice-Chairman
Clément DESAPHY (UNILIM) Chairman

On Tuesday, June 4, a conference open to the public was held, bringing together over 70 people. During the conference, we simulated a European parliamentary debate, discussed the impact of student involvement within the university and civil society, and considered the integration of students from conflict-affected territories within universities.

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