29.04.2024 EUPeace Student Workshop

University of Limoges

What role do students play at the University and in the European Alliances? This question will be discussed during the EUPeace Student Workshop event, which will take place on June 3rd and 4th, 2024, in Limoges, France.

EUPeace represents an essential initiative for fostering collaboration and peace among European nations. In a complex and interconnected world, this meeting holds particular significance in strengthening our collective efforts as students and supporting staff towards peace, justice, and inclusion. During this two-day meeting, we will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, present best practices, and define strategies to enhance student involvement in our universities. We have invited European speakers with a passion for the subject! 

We would be delighted to have your university valuable contribution at this meeting. We invite you to mobilise at least the 2 students representatives who are already part of the Student Council group (STC), as well as 1 staff or institutional representative connected with student representation or/and campus life. Note that we will host the first STC official meeting and proceed to the distribution of elective missions. A poster for the event and the programme can be found below. 

Coordination members of the Campus and Student Life WP are invited to stay until June 5th. This additional day will be organised by the University of Limoges, the University of Calabria and the University of Mostar and will be dedicated to work on upcoming activities. 

To confirm your participation, please fill-in the google form via the following link : https://forms.gle/P3NLU3Gxg1BLvXk77 
Please note that this event is only open to University students and staff  of the EUPeace Alliance. 

For travel arrangements and financial questions please contact your local EUPeace office for details. Below you find a logistics support document. 

We look forward to seeing you in Limoges in June and collaborating with you towards a peaceful and inclusive future for Europe.

Best regards,

The Limoges event team with the support of the Student Council group.

Event Poster

Workshop Programme

Logistics Support Document 


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