06.06.2024 Shared Concept of “School for All”

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In an era where societal fractures are becoming increasingly evident, the urgency to cultivate learning environments that foster peace, justice, and inclusivity cannot be overstated. The EUPeace consortium, comprising nine European universities, has embarked on this mission beginning with the “School for All” initiative. Indeed, despite the legal frameworks and international agreements advocating for inclusive education, practical implementation faces hurdles ranging from inadequate teacher preparation to entrenched societal biases and infrastructural limitations.

“EUPeace School for All” seeks to resolve these challenges head-on, proposing a multifaceted strategy that not only encompasses curriculum development, teacher training, and policy advocacy, but also aims to develop a holistic approach to societal well-being, acknowledging that schools are microcosms of the larger social fabric. The foundation for sustainable peaceful, just, and inclusive societies requires the establishment of learning environments which value equally, both the cultivation of knowledge and literacies needed for next-generation democratic citizenship as well as the cultivation of a mindset which respects and celebrates diversity.

To transform these ideas into practices which foster sustainable democratic competencies, peace, justice, and inclusion, next steps will implement EUPeace courses, workshops, lecture series, and seminarswhich are both virtual and in-person, as well as internships abroad, collaborative research, a “School for All Handbook” and an evolving EUPeace Common Course Curricula and Degree Programmes.  

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