13.12.2023 EUPeace holds workshop on conflict resolution

The first EUPeace workshop brought together lecturers and students from Madrid, Marburg, and Mostar.

Computer Screen of Zoom Conference. From left to right: Mario López Areu, Davorka Topic Stipic, Thorsten Bonacker, Miriam Tekath
University of Mostar
Workshop on Conflict Resolution, From left to right: Mario López Areu, Davorka Topic Stipic, Thorsten Bonacker, Miriam Tekath

The EUPeace university alliance held its first international workshop, gathering universities from Madrid, Marburg, and Mostar and their lecturers and students. This event marked the beginning of collaboration in building a network of conflict resolution experts, analyzing conflicts, and promoting mediation. The project aims to create a platform integrating academic findings, research, and practical knowledge to encourage peaceful conflict resolution within the EUPeace initiative.

This pivotal event signifies a significant step towards international cooperation among diverse universities, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and a collective approach to conflict resolution. Universities from Madrid, Marburg, and Mostar actively engaged, showcasing the commitment of university communities in developing a conflict resolution expert network.

This initiative can transform conflict resolution approaches by providing an interdisciplinary framework for knowledge exchange among various universities. It represents a move towards integrating theory and practice, fostering the development of experts capable of applying their academic insights in the real world, facilitating mediation processes, and conflict resolution. This expert network is expected to become a crucial source of knowledge and practice, contributing to the global community in creating more sustainable conflict resolution mechanisms and promoting peace.

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