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Join our EUPeace Academic Networking Event!

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

1p.m. to 3:30p.m. CET online (link will be provided to registered participants)

The EUPeace Alliance cordially invites you to participate in an online networking opportunity for professionals from all EUPeace member institutions.

The event will introduce our EUPeace community, including representatives of our Governing board, and offer a chance to get to know the idea and concept behind our Alliance initiative. You will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues in your field of expertise, find collaboration partners from EUPeace member universities and become part of our growing community.

At our event, you will have the chance to interact with and meet experienced as well as early career scientists, with teaching faculty and administrators on topics of research, teaching, and other points of possible exchange from all nine member Universities. To help facilitate productive and successful exchange, early registration will allow us to pre-match you with members from your area of interest, including academic background, research interest or field of work.

Registration for the EUPeace Academic Networking Event is now closed

We are looking forward to seeing you at the EUPeace Academic Networking Event!


12:45 Arrival of Participants at EUPeace Academic Networking Workadventure
Meet’n’Greet on
Introduction to EUPeace
Get a quick insight into the workings of EUPeace
Peer Tables
Networking in Groups of Three
Get to know pre-matched peers from the EUPeace universities
Peer Tables
Consolidation of Results in Groups of Six
Share your input with additional peers and get to know more members from different EUPeace universities
Individual Voices from the Groups 
Give feedback on the experience and input on your vision of EUPeace
Outlook on Next Steps by Prof. Evelyn Korn and Event Closure
Mark your calendars for further events and possibilities to participate

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